Business Dynamics I: Professional Development Paper 1

           As a part of the Professional development component of Business Dynamics I, I attended the UCC Fall Career Fair on campus at Villanova University.  This event is part of Track II: Career Exploration Programs.  This was a great experience for me as a freshman, and I learned many things from attending this event.

            The UCC Fall Career Fair was host to many different companies looking to talk to students about professional opportunities within their business.  It featured companies throughout a wide range of majors including Business, Engineering, Arts & Sciences, Nursing, and all of the subcategories within each field of study.  The companies all set up stands around the gym with information sheets and promotional gifts such as pens and water bottles to attract students.  Some companies even had their representatives standing out in front of the stand in order to make the students feel more welcome to a conversation.  There were also a few freshmen friendly companies who volunteered to open conversation with freshmen in order to more easily introduce us to the relationship building process.  I talked to a few companies including some of the freshmen friendly companies about what they have to offer and about internship opportunities.  Then I made sure to give each company a copy of my resume so they could further contact me with further opportunities.

            The UCC Career Fair was a truly great experience for me.  I went in to it not knowing what to expect and scared of the company representatives.  I actually struggled at points when talking to the representatives, and I learned that they are expecting me to carry the conversation and come with questions.  If I have no questions, then I have no use being there unless I am trying to stock up on free school supplies.  It is a competitive environment inside that career fair; many fellow students are looking to grab the same opportunities as I could be looking for.  I was not looking for any internship or job in particular this year; however, I will be looking in the future. Based on that experience, I now understand the importance of coming prepared.  Companies want to know that I have an interest in their company in specific, not just that I am looking for any random job.  Therefore, it is essential that I do my research beforehand, and come to the fair with notes and questions with the intent on gaining essential information to further my internship/job opportunities. 

           Along with this professional skill development, I also learned a little bit about a few companies, which gets me interested in possible career options.  My favorite company that I talked to was NBC/Comcast because they offer a wide range of opportunities for me in big name cities such as New York City.  NBC also offers opportunities in the sports field of Business which catches my interest with sports being a big passion of mine.  I will definitely look into this in the future, and hopefully see them next year along with all the other companies that caught my eye at the career fair next year when I come more prepared with my research!


Bradley Gelder  




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